Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sausage Chilli

I've been betrayed......I came back from a work trip during the week, to find that my (vegetarian) wife had been sniffing around on Swedish Mike's site. She had taken it upon herself to make me the Sausage Chilli that Mike blogged back in November. In true Mike stylee, she freestyled it a bit and used some Bassett Burner sausages that we bought from Crumps Butchers in nearby Wootton Bassett. They are well known locally for their sausages and you sometimes need to get in there early to get your hands on some.

The Bassett Burners are a type I'd never tried before and they are HOT, HOT, HOT. Good job that Bil's freestyling had left out some of the chilli powder!

No need for me to list the can find it over at Mike's Blog and you can either copy his recipe or freestyle your own version


Swedish Mike said...

She must have seen the light! :)

So, how did it turn out besides being hot?

// Mike

Martin said...

it turned out well! She left out the chilli powder and dried chillies and just went with the sausages...not bad for a veggie :-)

those damn sausages are hot though..praise indeed from me..i ate a vindaloo with extra chopped fresh chilli last week, so i'm no pussy :-)

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